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DSE 401k Plan (Audit of years 2002-2009)

To whom it may concern:

Anthony Deluca was the lead auditor for DSE's 401K plan. Anthony provided exceptional service and was very knowledgeable with the 401K auditing process and regulations governing our plan.  I was most impressed with Anthony’s dedication and personal commitment to our project.  I found it a pleasure to work with Anthony and he was instrumental in ensuring DSE’s 401K was audited successfully.  

DSE’s 401K audit required an auditor who would partner with our internal HR team and provide auditing support and project management of the auditing process.  Anthony provided excellent auditing support and he is an excellent project manager.  

I would highly recommend Anthony to any company looking for a professional auditor.  Please feel free to contact me at (813) 758-6407 if you have any further questions.


Vong Keovongsa, PHR


David Hill, Direector of Management Development, PCAM
Access Management Group

“Our clients (homeowner associations) that expect a more in-depth review of annual transactions request the services of Deluca Ladd & Company for a fresh set of eyes over what is provided by the traditional CPA specialists in our field."


Antoinette Duverneu-Dicken

I am Antoinette, who is senior at Kennesaw State University for my Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. Anthony DeLuca and Marcus Ladd were referred to me through a trusted family friend after the tragically sudden passing of my father, Ray, in March of 2010. My mother, Marie, had passed away in 2006 from brain cancer. I am an only child, and had come into a substantial inheritance and needed trustworthy and knowledgeable people around me who could help me make the wisest decision with my new found wealth. From my first meeting with Anthony and Marcus, I realized that they weren’t only concerned with the financial side of my life, but me as a person. Their goal has always been to invest astutely to promote growth to ensure my lifelong security financially. Although this was my first experience with an accounting firm, I am thoroughly satisfied. They treat their clients like individuals not just another customer. Marcus and Anthony work together to ensure that the best decisions are being made to benefit their clients. As a client, I have learned much from them about financials and am apart of all decision making. I have and will continue to recommend DeLuca Ladd & Associates to anyone who needs help with anything financial from taxes to investments. They are truly one of a kind.


Hello Anthony

Well it is almost over for this year.  Hope you and Marcus and staff have survived this tax season okay. I want to thank you and Marcus and all for assisting me this year with the taxes. 

Look forward to your help again next year. Also send wishes to you for a Blessed Easter.  Looks like beautiful weather by the weekend.  Enjoy.


Jerry Mansour

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